“On Alan King’s ultra melodic, instantly infectious second album, Something More, he takes the exotica factor to exciting new territory. Venturing on a joyful Latin ride and getting “Lost in Los Cabos” featuring Eddie Baccus Jr.’s buoyant flute harmonies, as well as his eloquent soprano sax skills on the mid tempo ballad “What If”. King then heads to the Eastern Hemisphere for a light funk meditation and hypnotic koto sounds on “Samurai” and reflects the light keyboard magic on the elegant and lightly funky title track and the easy grooving meditation “Chills Down My Spine.” King reflects his playful, whimsical spirit perfectly on tracks like “Swagga”, “Sweet Little Sexy Momma” and the lively, bass heavy closer “Yeah Datz Right.” No longer content to simply “experiment”, King is truly committed to giving his fans Something More!” - Jonathan Widran, Music Journalist

“King’s new project, Something More features him playing keyboards, percussion and, on “Chills Down My Spine,” the pan flute. He is joined by Eddie Baccus Jr. on alto, soprano, tenor, EWI and flute, drummer Carl Anderson and often guitarist Mike Gamble and bassist Jonathan Smalls Jr. with King writing or co-writing all ten selections on the likable set. King creates music that grooves, is catchy and danceable and is full of joyful melodies. Among the highlights are the interplay between his keyboards and Baccus’ alto on “Samurai”, the energetic “Yeah Datz Right”, Baccus’ fluent soprano on the atmospheric “How’s The Weather On Your Planet?”, the relaxed groove of “Chills Down My Spine”, the Latinish “Lost In Los Cabos” and the playful “What If.” Fans of instrumental music that works well for close listening, dancing and backgrounds for one’s thoughts will enjoy this fine new outing from Alan King.” - Scott Yanow – author of The Jazz Singers, Jazz On Film and more.